Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Did You Know That Mass Effect 2 Is Near?

I stepped out and pre-ordered my copy of Mass Effect 2 yesterday. I'm incredibly excited about this. The first game tied up a lot of my time for at least a couple of weeks... I know Barry finished the game some ridiculous number of times (like 12... I'm not exaggerating). The story in the first game was one of the best I've gone through in a very long time. So, I'm curious and happy to see what is to become of Shepard and his group.

However, Mass Effect 2 isn't the only thing hitting shelves soon. Army of 2: The 40th Day drops today. As far as I know Barry and Ben are picking that up and plan to share many bro-hugs and fist pounds throughout. I just hope for the sake of all involved that the game doesn't allow split screen lest they end up in a spooning position. Bioshock 2 comes out in a few weeks at the beginning of February. I haven't been too terribly excited about this one. I'll likely put it in my "maybe" pile and wait for review scores to start hitting the web. Then in March, Final Fantasy XIII and a new expansion for Dragon Age: Origins are being released. I'll likely pick up FF XIII, but I never played through Dragon Age, so an expansion is unlikely to pique my interest.

In current events I continue to make my way through Darksiders and it still rings of absolute awesome. I'm hoping to finish that and have a lot more to say by the end of the weekend. I took out Tiamat last night!

Anyway, it should be a good few months. Mass Effect is easily my most anticipated game. I think between Darksiders and a little bit of back log I've got laying around, I should be able to hold off buying anything else between now and January 26th. I'm going to see if Best Buy is doing another midnight release... and then I'm going to not attend because that shit was weak for Halo 3 ODST.

If you give us a read, let us know what you're anticipating most in the next few months.

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