Saturday, July 18, 2009

Email Recap: July 8th

We're way past July 8th, but I'm recapping that day anyway. It was a good day in the ol' email chain... away we gooooooooo!

-We're engineers... and nerds:


I don’t like the way the new HEC-RAS does mixed flow conditions calculations, and the sediment transport utility is… obstinate. Hopefully when the regular release hits (I’ve got mine pre-ordered from the Corps) they’ll have fixed these issues.


The sediment transport utility just thought it was about time to find God and keep the b*stard count down. It was starting to rival Mr. Kemp.

Oh wait, I’m thinking of something else… carry on

You can pre-order design software?

-Barry needs an intervention:


Maybe squeeze in a couple games of FIFA...


We need an exorcism.


Now, we wait until he spins his head 360 degrees and spits pea soup at us. If necessary, we wait until he gets older as an actor, makes bad career choices, and is ultimately still only known as the guy who spun his head around 360 degrees and spit pea soup when he was younger.

-I like Mechs (understatement):


I have no audio on my computer… but there is a video on IGN right now that says “Mechwarrior Project, potential additions to the franchise”

I’m trying to not get excited. I think I just peed a little.


Does your phone notify you anytime the words “Mech”, “Mechwarrior”, or “Battletech” get googled so many times in a day? Or is this part of your daily 2:40 p.m. search-for-mech-news routine?

The Answer is "no", but if anybody can hookup that app for a BlackBerry, I'd be all over it.

-And finally... Barry updates his XBL avatar:

Ryan: suggests that Barry already played with the avatar editor today.

He’s got some bling.


dolla dolla bill yall


C.R.E.A.M. grab the money. Dolla Dolla Bill, Yall!

There you go folks! Have a good one!