Monday, September 29, 2008

Head Asplode!!

This is Aith, warning you to be cautious when reading Fenris's posts. That is all.

Who you gonna call

Who you gonna call

I had planned for this to be all in color, but turns out coloring sucks. So until some new hardware and software is procured it looks like scans or black and whites.

Hazed weekend

I finally got Haze from Gamefly after two weeks of waiting. This is a game that I wanted to turn around quickly, only because I was just slightly interested in it. If you've played TimeSplitters, the gameplay is somewhat like that. It took me 6.5 hours to beat. I didn't really like the gameplay that much but progressing through the story was what really kept me going, even though it was predictable. The cut scenes were well placed and your AI teammates weren't completely stupid, friendly fire is on... There were a couple defining moments in the game that were supposed to be climaxes but they just didn't feel convincing.

Gameplay for the Mantel troopers was terrible. Sure you get yours shots of Nectar when encountering enemies, it makes them glow orange so you can see them. Plus it increases your health. You get six injections initially but they recharge over time, or you can take them from your teammates. Accidentally shooting your teammates in the nectar injector on their backs causes them to turn from yellow to red and they go crazy, shooting everyone, even you. When you switch sides to the rebels, the gameplay becomes a little better. The reticule downgrades from a nice zoomed crosshair to ironsites. Your teammates actually try to help you instead of just trying to cover you. The feign dead rebel feature has pretty much no use and you find yourself scavenging for ammo the entire game. Enemy AI are terrible shots, even the snipers, except for when you're in a vehicle, they can hit that... Overall I can say I'm satisfied for trying it out but give it a 6/10.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Today is a beautiful day

Good morning, internet and all its denizens. It truly is such a wonderful and blessed day already. Waking up to such headlines as "Disaster in Corvalis, "Another Pac-10 Flop", and the less than subtle "USC loses to Oregon State" (someone sprained their brain thinking of that one) just makes the little football fan in me smile. Granted, USC will still be in contention for a BCS spot because of the timing of their less-than-gracious defeat and the deplorable college football ranking system; however, their effort last night serves as a great reminder that no matter how long those schools on the left scream and cry "What about us?!" when bowl selection time comes around, the response can still be "You're the Pac-10. Shut up and be grateful anyone knows that football is played over there." It's time to revel in the misery of others for a while.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where the f**k have YOU Been?

What... hello? Oh hey... wow, that was quite the nap. It's good to see you again. How long was I out? 2 weeks you say? Well, it's really good to see you... did you miss me? Yeah, I missed you too. So, what do you say we have a nice quiet night together? Maybe turn down the lights and play a little Bioshock... or maybe some Castle Crashers. I've missed your touch... I've missed the way those games run though my processor... all that... processing. It just gets me so... so... oh, what is that you've got there...

You have got to be fucking kidding me...

Technical Support

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You can do anything at

Onto The Internet You Go!!111oneone

When I logged on and saw one of my cohorts had already posted something. I knew they wouldn't let me down by not using some true gamer asshatery. Nice work TYI. Welcome to Inverted Y Axis... we're dumb, dumb as hell, but we hope to be kind of teh funny as well. We all have what they call "real jobs"... except Fenris, who's a state employee. That being said, I hope to still have pretty regular post. We will all be learning how this whole things works together. We will not likely be offering much "news" or "facts"... but if you want to know what my dog thinks of my Battlefield: Bad Company skills (seriously, he's a real dick)... well then, you may have come to the right place. Hopefully we'll hear from Fenris and P. Magee in the near future. These words will be dying now (don't worry, the respawn is nearby, HUZZAH!!!).


This is where words come to die.