Friday, September 26, 2008

Today is a beautiful day

Good morning, internet and all its denizens. It truly is such a wonderful and blessed day already. Waking up to such headlines as "Disaster in Corvalis, "Another Pac-10 Flop", and the less than subtle "USC loses to Oregon State" (someone sprained their brain thinking of that one) just makes the little football fan in me smile. Granted, USC will still be in contention for a BCS spot because of the timing of their less-than-gracious defeat and the deplorable college football ranking system; however, their effort last night serves as a great reminder that no matter how long those schools on the left scream and cry "What about us?!" when bowl selection time comes around, the response can still be "You're the Pac-10. Shut up and be grateful anyone knows that football is played over there." It's time to revel in the misery of others for a while.

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Tagurit said...

I was at Wahoo's last night. I never knew Oregon State had such a huge following of Longhorn fans. gg USC, thank you come again.