Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Onto The Internet You Go!!111oneone

When I logged on and saw one of my cohorts had already posted something. I knew they wouldn't let me down by not using some true gamer asshatery. Nice work TYI. Welcome to Inverted Y Axis... we're dumb, dumb as hell, but we hope to be kind of teh funny as well. We all have what they call "real jobs"... except Fenris, who's a state employee. That being said, I hope to still have pretty regular post. We will all be learning how this whole things works together. We will not likely be offering much "news" or "facts"... but if you want to know what my dog thinks of my Battlefield: Bad Company skills (seriously, he's a real dick)... well then, you may have come to the right place. Hopefully we'll hear from Fenris and P. Magee in the near future. These words will be dying now (don't worry, the respawn is nearby, HUZZAH!!!).

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