Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mechwarrior: Living Legends... ready to make me buy a new PC.

About a week ago, I saw this post over at Kotaku... and suddenly my Mech pants were fitting way too tight. As anybody who knows me, or who reads this site (all 3 of you) know I loves me some Mechwarrior.

Today I took a trip over to the actual Mechwarrior: Living Legends website and found that they had posted a couple of tutorials to run through some of the basics of the game. This only had me further foaming at the mouth. The game is a Crysis mod, so it looks gorgeous... far better, of course, than my fond memories of Mechwarrior 4 (which ran on it's highest setting on my old 400 MHz pentium). From what I can tell by reading around on the site, Living Legends doesn't offer much in the way of telling any part of the Mechwarrior story (it's a multiplayer only affair); however, it does expand into the vehicular combat of the universe. This is something that's never been explored before in Mechwarrior games and I'm interested to see how it works.

The game requires a copy of Crysis (which I don't have) and a computer that can run it (which I also don't have). Actually, I haven't checked out the requirements on Crysis in a while, so it's possible that my new laptop could run it... but something doesn't feel right about playing "sims" on a laptop. If anybody gives this things a spin, I'd like to hear how it works... and of course I'm looking right at you and your fancy desktop computers, Barry.

Mechwarrior: Living Legends is not to be confused with the upcoming "official" Mechwarrior game that released a teaser trailer several months ago... although it does look to be a hell of a gap filler while we wait.


Tagurit said...

Mine aren't up to date to run Crysis either. My processors are just dual core. :/

AirstrikeRhino said...

You don't need a quad core to run it do you?

Tagurit said...

To run it, no. To play it like it was meant to be played, yes.