Thursday, January 21, 2010

Borderlands Gets Level Cap Increase

I just found this over at Kotaku. It appears that Borderlands is finally getting that level cap increase I know we all want so badly. The news was delivered one of Gearbox's designers via the official Gearbox Forums. The level cap increase will be delivered via what they're calling their biggest piece of DLC yet.

Oh yeah, and Kotaku points to this twitter feed which delivers even more good news: MORE SCOOTER!

It looks like I'll need to gear up to spend many more hours in Pandora. I'll be interested to see what Gearbox has up their sleeve this time. If it can be as good as The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned and have the level cap increase then it should be able to wash that bad taste out of my mouth that was left by Mad Moxxi. Hopefully there will be something a little more official soon that includes an expected release date and, God willing, some screen shots or some kind of story description.

Somebody please take me to where the cars live so I can get me one!


Tagurit said...

Come on now, catch-a-riiiiide!

Poops said...

Gearbox dug themselves a hole with me because of their last DLC. Of course I should probably blame you knuckleheads because I was not going to get it until you guys told me how much "fun" it was. Thanks a lot, B-holes.

AirstrikeRhino said...

It was fun... until we saw the 20 Round part.