Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Speaking of Citations

It has been noted that Ryan’s posts have become more abundant. It has also become clear that with his fountain of gaming knowledge and half truths that you readers have come to expect, he has also given away our identities. Heheh titties, sorry. It’s not as if anyone really cares but it’s like he ripped off the S under Clark Kent’s shirt, just spewing our names about like an everyday thing, like we’ve been rebranded. Chuck has expressed this in a recent group email but doesn’t want to do the work. Apparently I found some free time…

Name – Xbox Gamertag – PSN ID
Ryan – AirstrikeRhino – AirstrikeRhino
Barry – Humdinger24 – Tag_Youre_It
Chuck – PoopsMagee2112 – I’m too good for a PS3
Josh – Fenris Wolf 82 – Sony what?

Feel free to add us so that we may laugh together on Xbox live or so that at least Ryan and I have a less than mediocre list of friends on the PS3. Hopefully, one day, Chuck will grace us with his opinion of a game he’s played and maybe Josh could add some insight to what loot he’s picked up (read stolen) recently as well. Now back to Ryan’s Lifelock Mode. What’s your social security number?

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AirstrikeRhino said...

Piderman wants some of that action...