Thursday, February 11, 2010

On Geth Keepsakes

Heretic Station: Phoenix Massing/The Sea of Storms

Geth 5483: Dammit... that's the 4th time I've taken down Shepard's buddies and they keep getting the fuck back up. What is going on?

Geth 6572: Maybe they're just faking it... How the hell did they get this deep into the station anyway? You'd think we'd have installed some bio-sensors or something. Maybeve even a fucking window...

Geth 5483: Shut up, just keep the pressure on them. They can't keep this up forever.

Geth 6572: Yeah, you're ri.... wait, what the fuck?! Shepard is getting into my med station over there... HEY, FUCKING GET OUT OF THERE SHEPARD!

[Shepard takes medi-gel from med station]

Geth 5483: Your what? Why the hell do you have a med station here? We're fucking machines.

Geth 6572: I took it as a souvenir on Eden Prime...

Geth 6572: Mocking Tone - I took it as a souvenir on Eden Prime

Geth 6572: You know I hate it when you do your Elcor impression. I can hear the fucking tone of your voice...

Geth 5483: Shut up... just shut up. This is the dumbest thing you've done since you brought that EMP to 2894's birthday party.

Geth 6572: Hey, nobody got hurt... that bad.

Geth 5483: You're an idiot... no wonder they keep getting back up if you're just leaving medkits sitting around

[Miranda goes down, gets back up]

Geth 5483: See, look at that... they could do this all day. How many did you take?

Geth 6572: Just the one... plus like 10 medkits...

Geth 5483: Unbelieving Angry Inquiry - TEN!? TEN!? TEN MEDKITS!?

Geth 6572: That's what I'm talking about. You don't even try to hide your inflection...

Geth 5483: Fuck this, I'm uploading myself back to the hub.

Geth 6572: But... what will I...

Geth 6572: .... shit.

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