Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Weekend Review

Well it's Sunday night and I felt like I should check in with everybody and let you know what we were up to over the weekend. Barry is finally with Xbox again and has been riding Mass Effect 2 pretty hard. Josh has been MIA for the entire weekend. He and I both have a big licensing exam coming up, so I hope he was out there being more responsible that me and actually studying. Chuck and I have both been investing a lot of time in the bowels of Rapture with Bioshock 2. I like the game. I'm still not 100% sure it's a game that was "necessary" as so many people questioned before its release, but I am glad it's here and I am glad to be playing it. So, I guess take from that what you will.

I also picked up the God Of War Collection on Friday. I never played the first two games, as I never owned a Playstation 2 (or an original Playstation for that matter), and now with God Of War 3 on the horizon I feel like it's time to get caught up. Plus it helped that they've offered this collection in HD with trophy support.

I'm also working on a little piece about what I think, for me, makes a sequel good. I'm hoping to have that up by Wednesday, but schedules tend to get crowded... plus I'm still trying to finish up Bioshock 2.

That's kind of how our weekend went. We did finally get the band back together and restart our Xbox Live Chat Parties. So, that was certainly a welcomed addition for me. I missed all the conversations that Chuck and I would have that typically ended in him asking "what is wrong with us?"

What indeed, sir, what indeed...?

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Tagurit said...

I think I'll put in another Red Ring report after I move. I think I was actually better off with a disc tray problem because the one they gave me ACTUALLY red rings.