Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just A Little News

Somebody has actually put an extensive amount of time into developing a Wii title. That would be awesome if the disk drive to mine hadn't caked over with dust about a year ago. I wanted to read some more about the game, but every link I clicked led me to something I could not read. For those of you waiting on this game, I hope it turns out better than that time I tried to age a box of Frazia.

The Behemoth announced the title of the game they've been teasing for a while as simply "Game 3." The new title was revealed as BattleBlock Theater. There's a trailer at that link. I'm not sure what all this game will entail, but given their past titles I'm likely to give them the benefit of the doubt. I played about 30 minutes of Alien Hominid on XBL Arcade. I spent significantly more time on Castle Crashers with some friends. The art style they use over at The Behemoth is something I've always really liked, and the characters they've made are unique and fun. The 4 heros from Castle Crashers and the Alien Hominid himself all had a very recognizable flare about them.

The latest installment in the Fallout universe has been given a release "window." Fallout: New Vegas should be out in fall of 2010. Fallout 3 was the first Fallout game I ever played. I had heard of the franchise, but never tried it. I think I played between 70 and 80 hours on my first play through. I'm somewhat excited about getting some more Fallout, but at the same time I stand intimidated at the time investment I may have to make...

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