Saturday, May 2, 2009

Alls fair... love and Uno.

It's interesting, in this day and age with high definition gaming consoles and plasma or LCD tvs, that three guys in three different cities have nothing better to do on a Friday night than to drink heavily and play Uno against and with each other over Xbox Live.

Make no mistake, this is not "Busch League" Uno, this is full contact no holds barred complete with racial slurs Uno. With our diverse group there is plenty to say. Myself being asian, for example, must laugh when Ryan says "Leave it up to Barry to have all the yellow cards..."

46" Samsumg 1080P LCD = $1500
Xbox 360 = $300
Uno 400 Microsoft points ~ $5
Guys Night In = Priceless


AirstrikeRhino said...

Uno bleeds hate climes... It's so lacist!!

Poops said...

You suckers and your expensive TV's. I know you guys have heard of Vizio.