Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Andrew Ryan Will Make Your Life Inconvenient

As I mentioned before, I've only recently started to really dive into Bioshock. Andrew Ryan talks a big game, but when he acts, he seems to only act to slow me and not actually kill me. Here's a list of other ways Andrew Ryan has slightly inconvenienced my life.

After threatening to remove all that was tender and gentle from my life, used last fabric softener sheet.

Mowed lawn, had to cancel appointment with lawn service.

Quoted entire most recent episode of The Office before I could watch it on DVR.

Unloaded dishwasher, rearranging dish layout in cabinets.

Fast forwarded all VHS cassettes in my movie cabinet to end (What a dumbass, I totally bought into HD DVD years ago).

Funded development of War World.

Deleted all of my Xbox Live Arcade games... except War World.

Hid keys (jokes on him, I don't have a job!)

Felt bad, showed me he had the keys in his pocket the whole time... then threw them in the backyard.

Ate dog's last rawhide bone.

What has Andrew Ryan done to make your world slightly inconvenient? In the comments!

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