Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Is There Something Important Going On Today?

Hey, it's me, Aith, and I have a few things to say about election day...

What’s really getting to me are all the people who are saying things like “I’m praying for our country” or “I’m worried about our country” or any number of things like this… as if we’ve suddenly become a dictatorship as of this election. There will be slightly minor, almost insignificant differences between an Obama victory and a McCain victory… and even if the differences are, relatively, drastic… it won’t be enough to doom us to the future that these people have seemed to envision. You’re still going to wake up tomorrow and be free to do as you like. You’re still going to have a roof over your head, a gun in your home (if you're into that sort of thing), stores will still be open, water will run, electricity will flow, and unless you murder or steal, no man in a uniform is going to drag you from your home. Oh, also if you're homeless... well then that little "roof over your head" thing might not apply. Get a job... loser.

Also, is it really necessary to update your facebook status to “get out the word on voting”? It’s mother fuckin’ election day… is there really anybody left out there with a facebook/email account who DOESN’T know there’s some kind of election going on, Obama is clearly a member of a Muslim terrorist cell, and John McCain eats fetuses to sustain his frail state of health? Hobos who can't read, write, hear, or speak, know that there's an election going on.

Oh, and then the worst type of person is the “I can’t believe you’re not voting!!!” person… who is all about how it’s your “patriotic duty to vote”… until they find out that you’re voting for the other guy. Then you're a goddamned idiot for even having an opinion. This brings me to the next guy... the “candidate x is a freakin’ moron!!!” guy… way to construct a convincing argument… jackass. Both, McCain and Obama got to where they are by being somewhat intelligent... even if they lied, cheated, and stole to get there... you still have to be pretty smart to pull that off while the nation is watching. I say "Bravo!" to each candidate for both their balls and their cunning.

In conclusion, I like "quotes". Carry on.


Tagurit said...

Kidnapped is spelled with two P's, blobo.

Aith said...

Stupid Hobos.